April 7th, 2010


I've got the post-con blues (and throat lurgy) which isn't helped by being back at work. Which thankfully hasn't been overly taxing or complicated cos, well, things don't tend to go wrong over major holidays cos people are too busy having fun to break things.

On the plus side I have a fun evening educating nirpius about the joys of tentacle abuse...er I mean watching Anime... If he is really lucky I won't make him watch Legend of the Overfiend ;)


I ended up showing 3 things to nirpius and his woman tonight. An episode from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, some New Dominion Tank Police and Princess Mononoke.

He enjoyed the first and last ones and said he'd be quite happy to watch more GIT:SAC. But he found NDTP far too silly. Which is perfectly true and one of the reasons why I like it. Regardless though, it appears there is hope for him yet now that we've found something that he does like. Worryingly, he seems to be quite keen to watch Legend of the Overfiend o_O