March 24th, 2010

(no subject)

So elections have been had and people elected. They weren't as silly as they've been in the past, but some of the questions - "Do you like cock?" being the most popular - were in keeping with tradition. The only thing we forgot to do was award the post of Cunning Linguist liked we'd planned, but I guess there's no rush - we can do that over the next term or something.

Afterwards there was party. There was much drinking and sillyness. A jar-jar binks toy got set (safelyish) on fire. There was also 4-way WHGOGA too, although only certainly lucky folk got to witness it.

Foolishly (for someone of my age???) I didn't get home 'til gone 4am and then of course I had to get up for work. But surprisingly, I'm pretty awake and not noticing any ill effects yet. Might need an early night later tho :)