March 22nd, 2010

Another mighty weekend of LARPing

It being the 3rd weekend of the month saw us having our usual local weekend LARPing activities. Saturday started us off with the second part of cream_horn's "party" game, which thankfully didn't involve any torture, unless you think nuuki talking a lot is bad ;)

After a few minutes of said talking it quickly became apparent that the "party" game actually had a known setting - we are it seems playing in a game of Amber, and it transpires that we are all Amberites. Which had us for most of the game pissing about trying to work out what was what. Or in my case getting shitfaced cos it seemed like a better idea given how my fingers were broken. Although being an Amberite did mean my fingers soon healed themelves, so I ended up drunkenly trying to learn how to wield a weapon and stuff.

Sunday was another awesome Mortals game, where we went back to the dogs home to collect some ghost sensing gear someone had installed over the intervening month and to also show our guest (OMG! A visitor!) the sorts of things we've been getting involved in, cos I don't think he'd quite gotten his head around it after listening to us whittle on about it for ages. There was also apology cake from midnightschilde's character for mine after she was *really* mean to him, which was a surprise IC and OOC.

And then the game involved lots of inappropriate touching with the furry pole, strange animal noises and my character trying desperately to gain superpowers from the infected water without anyone noticing.

Afterwards we had a conflab about membership fees and whether or not we were staying in IoD or not. Since the board appear to be in the process of reviewing membership fees, we're going to give them one last chance to prove that they're not made totally of fail. Some how, I doubt they won't manage it and we'll leave and IoD will end up with membership figures in single digits, but I suppoes I should try and be a little optimistic, right?