March 8th, 2010

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Not a bad weekend. I played and finished Heavy Rain which is a very pretty, if a little frustrating to play. Amusingly I totally failed to do very well at it in the end, having ended up with all the good guys apart from one dead and not saving the kid. On the plus side I did unmask the killer, so it wasn't a total defeat. I then redid the bit where it all went totally pearshaped and managed to at least rescue the kid, but then somehow didn't unmask the killer, but still ended up with him dead.

Very nearly didn't make it to the Southwark Requiem game as the trains were totally FUBAR'd. Ended up taking a bus to the next stop along to catch a train that would have been unaffected by the problems on the other line. The game didn't have the regular ST or some of the regular players, so there wasn't much for me to do. But on the plus side there was some Crone stuff happening.

Re-enactment was a lot of fun cos we had a bunch of folk down from SCA to show us what they did. They had costumes and all manner of craft stuff. And an awesomely delicious beef pie that tasted more like pudding than anything savoury. And they showed us how they fought as well, where they fully armour up and then go at each other full pelt with wooden weapons. Some how this is more scary then us not wearing armour but using metal blades, as we're a whole lot more careful about how we hit people.

There was also coding too. Which is always good fun. Must code more.