February 22nd, 2010

When nuuki attacks

A very enjoyable weekend for the most part filled with lots of LARPy goodness. Saturday had the first session of cream_horn's indie game that we've all been calling the "party" game, because all we knew about the game, was that we were playing ordinary people who were either going to, had been at, or were at a party in London.

We didn't actually get to do any party related roleplaying, because the game started at some unknown point later with everyone waking up not knowing WTF had happened in what looked like a police holding room. What followed started off with people we believed to be the police interviewing us and then escalated to torture, beatings and then finally for one character a cap to the head. I had to roleplay having my little fingers broken and got to witness midnightschilde's sadistic tendencies as she splinted them for me. After the capping of one of our number and we thought things couldn't get much worse, but we were wrong as cream_horn portrayed a talking dog, who got us to taste it's blood and then led us to walk into a picture that'd been drawn on the wall. At which point the game ended, leaving us all very apprehensive about what the next couple of games will involve.

Sunday's game of mortals was far more subdued. There was another haunting, this time at the local cat & dog shelter. I got to carry the enormous wom detector with it's painful sharp metal handle. But I didn't get savaged by the ghost pets, despite going back into the room a second time. And I didn't get any more "wommy" either - next time I'm going to have to take drastic measures and lick the walls or something if my character is ever going to get a cool superpower.

Aside from all that fun and games, I recovered my PS3 and as far as I can tell, they've done absolutely sod all with it except for doing the same thing they've done the previous 2 attempts. So very very not pleased at all. Although I've not actually had a chance to try it out yet, so maybe this time they've actually got it working OK? Either way, I'm not going to waste my time with them again and will just get a new PS3 if it's busted. At the very least, even without being able to read disks, it can still play media off the harddrive or streamed from the network.

We also watched a DVD about the history of Egham and Staines which was just too painful to watch cos the narration seemed to have very little relation to what was on the screen. So we gave up after about 40%