February 15th, 2010

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That was a pretty good weekend. I slobbed for most of Saturday and then pootled in to London to get my PS3 repaired for a 3rd time. This time around though, they're actually going to be keeping it for a week to give it a proper examination, so hopefully it'll get fixed properly this time around.

Using my recently gained bus lore, I discovered the bus I was going to use to get me to the London vamp game afterwards went past Playin' Games. I had thought originally that I might get to TCR and then walk to PG, but having a bus stop within spitting distance confirmed my decision to stick my head in the door. It felt very different in there, so I had wondered if it'd changed hands or something. Or maybe it's pondering closing down. For no readily apparent reason I picked up a copy of Geist and a strange not-quite-a-robot that collects pingpong balls.

Then I hoofed it to the London game, making a brief stop over in Gosh to pick up some graphic novels. The game was pretty good. No plot as such to speak of, except for some random guy auctioning off some "artifacts" of which only one was known to have some kind of special power (a top hat that made things disappear). It did however have some very amusing conversation to be had and some eye gouging horror in the form of one character describing his art. Which I won't go into detail because quite frankly it was too horrific to mention in public and I don't want wrong-minded random folk to accidently end up reading this. I now have the fun of investigating the items we won in the auction.

Sunday was uneventful apart from convincing the re-enactment lot to watch Azumi, which we all thought was very suitable content to watch on such a Vile day of fail. I also ate chinese and started writing up my Requiem downtime.