January 22nd, 2010

Strange thoughts on the way to work...

This morning, on the way to work, I got to thinking about last night and how the burger I had wasn't as spicey-hot as I'd hoped/expected. And this led on to me thinking that if I were to try and describe how hot I was expecting (based on previous experiences of this particular burger), I'd have said it was so hot as to melt my face off...a lot like the final scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark where they open the Ark and the Nazis get melted like candles (sorry if this is a spoiler to anyone reading this, but seriously - who hasn't watched this film yet? :) )

This then reminded about #3 and that the Grail Knight who had drunk from the Grail had to stay where the Grail was, or else the immortality would wear off. Now, what I got to wondering is. If I were in a similar position under what circumstances could I stand to be immortal, but be trapped to stay in one place for eternity. Cos I imagine it'd get pretty boring after a few weeks if all you've got is 4 walls and a cup of magic water.

I came to the conclusion that as long as I had a good internet feed, I'd probably cope quite adequately. Cos I'd have a wealth of stuff to read and I'd be able to communicate to people still. And I could order stuff off the internet to eat or watch or whatever - just so long as I got beyond the whirling blade traps to intercept the delivery folk ;) But I think ultimately it'd not really work cos I'd miss the face-to-face interactions with my friends.

I guess I'd need to kidnap/convince everyone to join me with the whole imortality thing :)