January 13th, 2010

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It's a good thing I always take off two days for my *mumble*birthday*mumble*, as when I fail to utterly do anything, it gives me a second chance to do something. Yesterday was spent slobbing around in my PJs watching telly. Not even telly I particularly wanted to watch either. Hopefully today I will go and do all the fun things I enjoy doing, like catching a movie at the cinema, eating dead animal and shopping.

Actually yesterday wasn't a total waste. I did have a stab at investigating the state of my PS3's Blu-ray drive and couldn't see any sign of dirt on the lens. Took me several attempts to put it back together too, mostly cos I'd some how got it into a state where it thought it had a disc inside when it didn't and no amount of hitting the eject button would convince it that it was devoid of disc. Thankfully I'm now at least back where I started, even if that does still mean having a mostly useless PS3 (I can still play stuff I've downloaded).

I also got some fish and chips and was gifted a bottle of WKD by those lovely IFIS folk, which I ate and drank whilst watching Star Trek. It does make me wonder if there is some substance out there that gives all the psychological effects of booze with none of the physical ones. Or at least without the blood thinning aspect. Cos if I could ingest such a substance, I could get effectly drunk and not die.