December 14th, 2009

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That was a pretty messed up and random weekend. I didn't feel at all sleep on Friday, so I ended up not getting to sleep until around 4am. Which was poor as work called me at some time after 6 (I'm on call at the moment) and it took ages to sort out. Amazingly I managed to work out what was wrong and supply a solution, which meant things got fixed! w00t! After that I went back to sleep and then got woken up by work again for a totally different issue.

Thankfully that was the last time I got called by work, so it meant I could go to the London Vampire game. The game was a lot quieter than I expected and foolishly I roped lucifermourning in to taking part in a clue-based treasure hunt. It was player written, so we didn't blame the ST for the clues not making that much sense but what he pulled in of his own stuff was good. Sadly we came 2nd (in a 2 team race). Aside from that I didn't get to talk to the people I wanted, but I did cause much merriment in the convos I did have.

Sunday got woken up at 7am by work which only took as long as it did cos I was too blearly headed. Didn't make any mistakes. Spent ages playing Dragon Age - think I'm getting the knack of not getting killed. Plus I've got myself a rockhard (teehee) stone golem on the team. In the evening I did something new and exciting! I cooked myself a roast turkey dinner with veg and stuffing. Wasn't a whole turkey though - just one of those roll things. There's still enough left for some sandwiches which I think I'll have tonight. Amazingly, apart from the veg, it all went according to plan and I haven't died of food poisoning!