November 23rd, 2009

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It's been a while since I last updated, mostly I suspect because I never seem to think to update when I'm at home. Possibly cos I'm distracted by far too many things or off out enjoying myself. And in case I forgot to mention, I was using up my holiday time by taking a week off to laze about the place, doing nothing in particular.

Nothing in particular is something I should do more often cos it's fun. I ate a lot of nice foods. I went shopping and bought lots of cool loot. I played a lot on my PS3. I watched a lot of telly. I didn't spend any time at the cinema cos there was nothing on that grabbed my fancy though. And I had a fun time LARPing.

LARPing-wise there was the not-Dark Ages game on Saturday, where we played out a scene set in the future (from the POV of the normal Dark Ages game) where we saw a potential outcome of what we're about to deal with next game. The game was fun, although annoyingly I sucked at completing any of my objects due to other PCs getting in the way. Maybe if/when we do another game in this kind of format, I should kill everyone else first and then I'll get something done? ;)

There was also a sort of Mortal game on Sunday at the pub. Which might appear to be just a bunch of us eating and drinking in the pub, but we spent it discussing the weird stuff that is going on and probably would have freaked out any nearby other patrons, if there had been any.

One of the PS3 games I got was Dragon Age: Origins which unlike Oblivion, I'm actually enjoying a lot. The main difference is that upon finishing the "tutorial" stuff, I wasn't presented with a vast unexplored world and no real idea what to do next. Instead, it (so far) lets you pick where you're going on a world map and apart from a random monster encounter, you'll get there without too much faffing about. Also, talking with the NPCs is a lot nicer - the NPCs don't just stand in front of you like lumps of wood, they're much more animated and life-like.