November 4th, 2009

When librarians attack!

We often joke that IFIS librarian as an orangutang in reference of the Discworld series and that you shouldn't annoy them or return your books late, cos they are liable to rip your arms off. Except they never actually (except maybe winterdreamer) have lived up to that claim...until now. I've never seen an enraged librarian up close before and I'm glad that her wrath isn't directed at me. I fully expect to read on the news about a bloodbath massacre at the SU tonight.

The reason for this act of uberviolence? Well for the past 3 years we've pestered the SU to find a new home for the library cos it's current home doesn't want it any more. Well they've given us 'til Monday to move and we know full well that the SU are going to continue being crap and won't be able to help. And when we move them off campus (assuming we can find some way of moving the cupboards too) they'll tell us off cos we have to keep them on campus somewhere.

On the plus side, it will mean we'll end up with the library being in just one location and our librarian might actually have a chance to start on the project to re-order the library so it's easier to find stuff.

ION I had this really weird dream where I appeared to be working in what I think was some kind of dating/matchmaking agency. Except I never actually appeared to do any work and didn't see anyone else doing anything. The only bit of activity that did happen was trying to stop some other rival group sending out this hovering ball things that were spitting out...things. I hate it when dreams are vague and meaningless.