October 26th, 2009

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Had a slightly more productive weekend than recent ones, in that rather than spending all Saturday morning/afternoon playing games before racing out to do whatever LARPing or whatever I'm doing that night, I managed to drag myself out to go and do some much needed retail therapy. This is actually more of an achievement than it sounds, as I discovered that there is now Dwarf Fortress available on Linux. So I did waste a good portion of Saturday playing that. It runs so much better than when I run it under 'doze emulation.

Anyway, so I did some retail therapy and spent rather too much in HMV. But I did manage to get a copy of the special edition of Hellboy 2 with figurine for a fiver. I figure the extras are worth a fiver and I'll get a copy on Blu-ray at some later date still.

I also went and saw Up (in 3d), randomly bumping into the Jacksons. I don't think this is Pixar's best effort so far. The film starts off on a depressing note and whilst there are plenty of laughs, I don't think I came out in a positive mood. Visually though, it looks amazing. Not sure the 3d really happened for me again. Stupid wonky eyes.

One of the things I got from HMV was also in 3d - Coraline. I was kinda disappointed to discover the 3d they use was red/green glasses. Compared to the 2d version, they make it look washed out. Still, it's a damn fine movie (and book). And having watched the extras, I discovered why I thought the French & Saunders characters seemed wrong - it's cos they're swapped over.