October 13th, 2009

(no subject)

It's been a pretty dull start to the week so far. I played Cluedo for
the first time in ages last night. I solved the murder, but couldn't get to
the room to make my accusation before anyone else as we all pretty much
worked it out at the same time and there was a mad dash across the
board. I don't remember there being a requirement to make the accusation
from the right room before though.

I also just had a look to see if there was a barcode reader app for my
blackberry, but all I can find are 2d barcode readers which are kinda
useful, but totally not what I wanted. But it did give me the excuse to try
out and see what happens if I create one. I ended up with this

Seems to work OK with the app I got, although it does insist on going via
it's own website rather than direct.