October 11th, 2009

(no subject)

The weekend so far has been very un-weekend like in that it's been very tiring and not at all relaxing. Spent Friday learning a new game and sucking very badly at it. Saturday started off with another epic 6-cache run around the wilds of Surrey with blue_cat, charliemouse and nuuki. It was a good job we had nuuki with us with his ninja skills as some of the caches were clearly placed by monkeys.

In the evening was the London Requiem game which was OK, but felt kinda muted. There was a hunt organised and whilst I caught my "prey" really quickly, it turned out at the end that the criteria for winning was the person who inflicted the most pain and suffering so I failed to get very far. And then lots of other people left very early which diminished the game quite a bit.

Today has also been tiring as I've watched young folk waving swords at each other. The first session went well I thought - a fair number of eager new folk. Hopefully now that we've got a room sorted, we can ramp up numbers.

Now that I'm back home I think I shall spend the rest of the day doing sod all.