September 25th, 2009

Ow! I hurt!

So for the past week or so, I've spent my time helping out my favourite societies at Freshers Fayre. On Monday this involved wandering around campus kitted up for re-enactment and making sure people knew we existed. Which was pretty tiring.

Today and yesterday, however was the Fayre itself and I spent a good proportion of both days standing around and trying to convince people to join re-enactment or IFIS. Which was made even harder by the SU not letting us book rooms yet, so when people asked us when we were meeting, all we could do was shrug and tell them what we hoped was going to happen.

IFIS did have a HUGE stroke of luck by getting a load of free loot off Vue, in the form of a District 9 poster and a tonne of Robotchicken stickers and badges advertising the release of season 2. Which seemed to work surprisingly well in at least getting people to stop long enough to let us talk to them and convince them to give us their contact details.

Now comes the waiting game as we wait for the SU to tell us how many members we actually got and who they are. And of course to start letting us book rooms, so we can tell people WTF is going on and where to get involved.