September 20th, 2009

A weekend of gaming fun

So I'm eventually back at a computer after spending the weekend at the regional. Getting to the venue went without hitch mostly, although I did have The Fear when I saw that a car had hit a bridge and there were delays to the train. And one of my 6-pack of "redbulls" exploded in my suitcase...but I think based on the amount of liquid involved, it must have happened just as I arrived.

The venue was pretty cool and whilst not a hotel, it was not much like a youth hostel either - it had private rooms with ensuite bathrooms for a start. Except of course my room wasn't entirely private as I was sharing it with cream_horn and midnightschilde

The Friday Requiem game was pretty good and I had fun tarting it about and involving myself in all the many entertainments that were there to be had. I don't think too much emphasis was made ICly by the hosts on the actual location though - it could have really been anywhere. And I'm not refering to set dressing or whatever, I just mean they didn't really seem to be talking it up much.

After having a couple of "redbulls", I was then ready for the Mortal game. It started off pretty awesomely. There was a dream sequence that had my character bricking himself and making the ultimate sacrifice - giving away his cake. Which left him in a pretty frazzled and unsettled state for the second part. Which I felt was kinda flat. It was a bit like a ring donut. There's clearly something missing in the middle, but it's still quite tasty. What exactly should have gone in the "middle", I have no idea, but by the end we were definitely thinking we should be doing something and not entirely sure what.

Got a bit of sleep, so had to neck a "redbull" to get me started the next day. Didn't bother gaming for the early part of it and failed utterly to locate the nearby geocache. Had a very enjoyable lunch with a bunch of cammies I'd not really had a chance to interact with OOCly before. Then after a bit more conversation, I headed back to the room and the 3 of us ended up having a nap together.

Saturday Requiem was pretty disappointing. Our host being a elder of the Crone and widely regarded as being well into gore fests and bathing in blood, I kinda expected a big showy ritual of a similar nature. Instead we had a meeting. The kind where people just sit around and talk. No actual ceremony at all. And then at the end there was talk of going off and doing something "fun" and it just fizzled out.

On the plus side, the HUGE scene after time-out where we finally put to rest the daft national plot that most games seem to ignore, was run smoothly and quickly by the STs involved. It's a perfect example of how large scenes should be run - especially when there's combat involved.

Got plenty of sleep that night and only drank the "redbull" because is was the last one. Journey back went OK, except for the mystery bus tour around London that lucifermourning gave me. But we made it with a few minutes to spare before our connecting train so it wasn't so bad. And then was the normal scheduled Runnymede Mortal game, which was more creepy and ewww than scary. And mostly it was only creepy and ewww for the female characters so it was fun for us guys to watch their reactions - especially to some of the choice comments being made.

But now the weekend is over and I think I shall have an early night to play catch up on sleep. Not that I need it as I have the whole of next week off! w00t! :)