September 7th, 2009

(no subject)

That was a pretty mighty weekend. It started with nuuki dragging me off for more Collapse ).

Then in the evening was a fun Requiem game although much of the conversation was frankly quite disturbing...I think I only need to mention the film "Teeth" to give you some ideas on how disturbing it was.

On Sunday I had an surprise visit from eggwhite who came around and we finally sorted out getting the TV attached to the wall. They'd supplied another 6 bolts it turns out and we ended up having to use them with the rule(sp?) plugs plus some of the old ones as we had a couple more shearing incidents. Clearly the superman exists and he is eggwhite.

And I played some more GTA 4 and I believe I'm about to complete the last mission. I did have a few stabs at it, but the first time I got confused as to what to do next and ended up losing the target and then whilst attempting to repeat it, ended up dying a lot cos I wasn't tooled up to the eyeballs any more. Bah. Will have another go at some point during the week so that I can finally get it done though.