September 1st, 2009

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My saga with my TV wall mounting is coming along nicely in my favour. I popped in to where I'd bought it from and they gave me the number for the company who make them, who'll apparently ship me a big bag of spares. Having spoke to them, they're all out of spares, but they're going to see what they can do. The person on the phone was pleasant, friendly and apparently has a brother with the same name as me. Just the sort of person you want answering the phone I guess (except for the last bit).

EDIT: Wow, that company is full of win and awesome. The nice lady on the phone called back, took my address and a couple of replacement bolts are going to be put in the post. Assuming the postman doesn't suffer from epic fail and can't work out how to post them through the letterbox, I could have them by the weekend :O

nuuki and I also went and tackled a different geocache too. This led to the discovery that despite having lived a few yards away, nuuki hadn't been aware of the large RAF memorial that was near our halls of resident back in our first year. The cache itself was a minor pain in the butt to find, but nuuki soon found it and we swapped the plastic crocidile he'd brought for a plastic dinosaur.

Now that I've seen what I'm up against, I think I might have better luck doing some more and I've already grabbed a few that are going to be in and around the location of the Southern Regional. I've a sneaky suspicion one is actually on the grounds of the event too.

The main disappointing part of the weekend was the weather. Saturday was lovely, but the rest of it was appalling. Summer is clearly over *sigh*