August 17th, 2009

Another Runnymon weekend...

Darkages was frustrating and kinda boring. My attempts at pursuing personal plot keep meeting with obstructions that mean I keep having to dig myself deeper to get to the good stuff. And being a combat character and everyone else wanting to go for a purely magical attempt to solve the big plot, I'm feeling kinda useless. On the plus side, I did get to start to whack the crap out of lucifermourning's character. It's a shame urizen managed to restrain her cos my way was far more fun ;)

Mortals on the other hand was fun despite not being as terrifying as I was expecting. There were spooky voices and nothing trying to eat us or kill us or in anyway trying to do bad things to us. Which is always a plus. I also ate far too much cake too.

Stop the clock! it's too dark to see the clue!

nuuki introduced me to the dark and seedy world of geocaching tonight. There's one on campus and we spent a good hour or so tromping around it trying to fathom where on earth the pictorial clues were. Unfortunately we failed to find 1 out of the 6 clues and we're not so certain about a couple of the hours. But we tried using what we had to locate the cache and....well it was pretty dark by that stage and so we gave up for the time being. We'll have to come back another time, possibly when there's more daylight. But otherwise it's an interesting experience.