August 10th, 2009

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The highlight of the past weekend was ... Strawberry Angel Delight! The shampoo I'm using smells of strawberry flavouring and was giving me cravings for food with such flavourings in and I was going to get some strawberry sauce to put on top of icecream when I spotted the Angel Delight. So I made it up and admittedly it wasn't quite completely set, but it was still super yummy. I'm tempted to get more on the way home tonight as I've still got the other half a pint of milk left.

Other than that, I played a lot of GTA4 and attempted to catch up on telly. I also went and played London Requiem which was good fun too - there was encrypted Latin texts to decode and whilst we didn't actually go off and poke the plot with sticks until it tried killing us, it was still good fun.

On the way back we (lucifermourning, midnightschilde and cream_horn) were chatting away about stuff on the train, when the guy opposite us asked us if we'd just come back from a LARP. Seems we'd randomly sat opposite an ex-LARPer from Canada who plays MET stuff. No idea if he was Cam or not though. Even weirder was him saying goodbye as we got near to his station...which just so happened to be our stop too. So he's an actual local. We waved him in the vague direction of IoD websites and maybe we'll see him at a game or something? Who knows.