August 3rd, 2009

(no subject)

I'm quite pleased with that weekend, despite not having got up to much. Mostly I spent it playing (and cursing at) GTA4. I wish the "hide behind cover" move would have more common sense and not pick the side of the object facing towards the enemy. But having sneaked a peek at a guide on the game, it seems I'm not too far away from having completed all the missions.

I also played the Southwark Requiem game too and whilst it was a purely social game, there was stuff that was said that will no doubt provide much interesting plot in future games. Not least of which is that I'm no longer the "only Crone in the village" in the London court. Not that it means we'll be able to start up a coven as the new guy has less idea about what being in the Crone is all about than I do. But we do plan on openly recruiting more people (*looks pointedly towards [Unknown LJ tag]*)

The only downside to the weekend, is that it marked the end of my week of not working from the normal office. So I had to actually get up in time for the bus rather than just ambling across town at my leisure. Just about made it but didn't have time to grab breakfast :(