July 16th, 2009

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Not much has happened of note this week. Had another trip to the vampires that went OK. Tried out a nearby greasy spoon. It was OK, but didn't try out their breakfasts and instead had an average roast lunch.

I've managed to secure somewhere to crash for the Southern regional too thanks to crazy friends who think sharing an apartment with me is a good idea. Should be good fun though. Um...that's about it I guess... S. Darko review to appear soon too.

S. Darko review

As promised...a review of S. Darko.

Most, if not everyone I know, agrees that Donnie Darko is an amazing film. It's a beautifully twisted tale of time travel and love. Naturally that meant when I heard about the sequel, I just had to go see it and see just how bad it was.

Visually the film looks pretty good. They capture the right amount of dark and twistedness that the film requires. Unfortunately the plot makes no sense. It's almost like the script writer saw Donnie Darko and just utterly failed to get it. Or maybe they saw the director's cut? Either way, it vaguely attempts to be like DD, but at the same time failing utterly.

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