July 13th, 2009

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So a pretty average weekend. I spent an awful lot of it playing Ghostbusters and eventually completed it on Sunday. Which I guess makes it a bit a of short game compared to what I normally play, but it was still a lot of fun. And there's still plenty of life left in it as I missed a few collectables and I gotta get all the trophies :)

The London Requiem game was pretty predictable, what with there being a change of STs. So not much plotty stuff got sorted, but there was a big long chat about plotty stuff where we attempted to bring the court up to speed. New ST seems like a decent sort and I'm sure once he gets a handover plot will return in great abundance.

I watched the Torchwood 5-parter. Thought it was a bit long winded and the general consensus seems to be that this might be cos I watched it all in one sitting. Which isn't really a good excuse - people will be buying it on DVD at some point and watching it in one go then too. I can answer Gwen's question of why the Doctor didn't show up...he'd have identified the problem and fixed it in episode 1 ;)

I also saw S. Darko. I think I'll write up a seperate review and post that later.