July 10th, 2009

I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

...but I appear to be afraid of girls!

Popped in to town for the Robin Hobb book signing. I think it was a success and there was a big long queue, made even longer by beeblebear wanting a bazzilion books signed. I then took myself shopping, cos it's been ages since my magic plastic has had a decent work out. As you can probably work out from the title, I got Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray and also the video game.

I also went and saw Year One, which is OK. It's funny and there's a lot of historical in-jokes. I can't help but feel if I was more of a history-nut I'd find it funnier maybe? I dunno. Cute member of staff asked me if I'd enjoyed myself on the way out which was kinda unusual. Then I ate pizza and went back to watch Transformers 2.

Transformers 2 was pretty good. I felt it was in some ways a whole lot better than the 1st one, if only cos they didn't have the comedic relief token black guy in it. CMoS showed up to tidy up afterwards and engaged me in a discussion about genders of robots. Geeky sensibilities took over at this point and I kinda fled. Bah.

New Ghostbusters game is kinda more involved than the original, but a lot more scripted too.

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