July 6th, 2009


So another week has gone by and I've been doing stuff. I went to my first hackspace meet up and found the whole thing rather bewildering. There were lots of weird people doing weird things with even weirder things. I think it'd help if I had some kind of project to work on.

Southwark Requiem on Saturday was nearly full of fail. The barstaff had no awareness of any game happening and when I arrived, there was no sign of anyone else. Turns out everyone else had got held up getting food and so the game started very much later than expected which meant a much more subdued game.

Yesterday was majic13's birthday BBQ which was full of win, dead animal inna bun and lots of pudding. The journey there proves why I hate buses as I very nearly ended up well beyond my actual intended destination. There was absolutely no indication where I was and it was only the bus driving stopping, opening the doors and pointedly waiting for me to get off that let me know that I'd gone too far. Bah.

But good food and good company overcome that in the end. Plus unexpected sunshine too is always good, even if it does make me very sleepy. I very nearly had to have a nap when I got home I was that drowsy.