May 21st, 2009

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So last night an intrepid band of folk from IFIS and some random extra bods went and saw the new rebooted Star Trek. It was pretty good. They had plenty of nods and in-jokes from the previous continuity. The cast did a grand job of being the characters we all know (and love?).

It was quite markedly different from previous films though, with the level of action and thrills ramped up several notches. Unlike other rebooted franchises, they actually had the reboot become part of the plot which was very cool. So definitely a thumbs up from me and I'm looking forward to where they go with future films ... or maybe even a series?

Afterwards we went to the pub where things went a bit wrong as the pub got arsey with some of the students not having ID on them. And is often the way with such things, they waited to kick them out until after other people had already got some drinks in, which led us to be split in two which sucked lots. But I guess for the new committee's first Away Mission, it could be considered a success. Hopefully it'll be the first of many.