May 18th, 2009

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So that was a pretty mighty weekend. Saturday started off we me scurrying in to town to get my cheque book re-ordered cos I've been a muppet and gone and lost it...just when I need to write out a cheque. Meh. Whilst wandering about it seemed the whole world and their mother was also shopping or at least I bumped into quite a lot of folk. Foolishly I went into Waterstones and got suckered by their 3-for-2 offer. Amazingly I only got 3 books.

In the evening I played Dark Ages. Good game if a little frustrating that after doing a downtime for the first time in ages, it went all on me. Hopefully I can some how manage to unsnatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This was followed on Sunday by the Runnymede Man game which was also good and unlikely the previous two didn't induce bowel loosening terror on us. It did however have the high standards of prop making in the form of some mouldy sandwiches (thankfully just dyed green). Also kicked off a tentative plan for what we're doing at the National in a couple of weeks time.