May 3rd, 2009

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Pretty uneventful day for the most part. I caught up on some TV; the last episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles was mighty and I really hope they get a 3rd season as the cliff hanger was very o_O. Also started watching the most recent season of Supernatural which was also full of o_O and angels and stuff.

Tonight I scampered in to London for the Southwark Requiem LARP too, which almost didn't happen as [Bad username: the_grim_squeaker] has fled the area and his second in command forgot he wasn't going to be around. So we had vierkilau step in to run things which by player consensus should involve zombies.

Except for me. My character got to travel around London trying to convince far right wing extremists that their point of view was wrong and they should change it. Amazingly he survived with only a couple of scrapes. As a test of standing up for a set of beliefs, I can't really tell how I did. I suspect it really needed someone else evaluating and observing my progress cos being in the thick of it, I was too busy trying to think about dealing with the situation(s)? Meh. Dunno.

Anyway, maybe it's all over with or maybe it's not. Right now it doesn't matter much, cos I have cake *yums*