April 21st, 2009

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Foolishly, I've left my wallet at home. Next time I ponder putting it back in my jacket after paying for something on the phone, I shall hopefully remember this day and not be a lazy bum.

Not having any money has meant I've had to be cunning and resourceful in aqquiring some breakfast. I had some weetabix and because I'm slightly a freak and can't put milk on it, but enough of a freak to eat it with water (*gags*) I came up with an alternative liquid solution...hot chocolate! Didn't quite work as well as I thought, but it was good enough once I added some extra sugar.

Hopefully I'll be able to sponge a fiver off my co-workers at lunch time though, cos I don't think I could live off hot chocolate weetabix for the rest of the day.