March 27th, 2009

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Went to my reading group last night to discuss "The Left Hand of Darkness". Bit of a marmite book - some people liked it, some people didn't. Seems every month now we're getting new folk show up too, which is good as fresh opinions liven things up.

Due to beeblebear's choice (Towing Johah(sp?)) being totally out of print in the UK and not being able to get copies from the US, we found ourselves having to resort to picking a book quickly to read this month. So turning to the Hugo awards, we scanned through the list and ended up picking Little Brother, which I admittedly read only a few months ago, but it's such a mighty read, that I'm going to read it again. And then cos we had the list up still, we picked The Graveyard Book for the month after.

This means I have a 3 in 5 chance of having read a Hugo winner this year, as we read Charlie Stross' Saturn's Children some time last year. And given the other 2 nominees, I think I could easily read at least a 4th too, cos I like Scalzi's other books.

Also last night majic13 decided to drag himself out of his pit to visit us all at the pub and to pimp out his dead-tree edition of Dark Places. Not too unsuprisingly, we ended up with at least 20 folk turn up. Which was good but it's a shame we can't get those kinds of numbers without having to resort to majic13 bringing his milkshake. On the plus side it might convince the students who did show up to turn up more often though. Which in turn might mean we get more students interested in appearing next term/year.

I now have the fun job of working out a way of adding the copy of The Well of Stars I got for the library and tying it into majic13's profile rather than adding him as a seperate author. Cos otherwise, it'll replace his name with a link to the author rather than to him in the wiki(ish) bits of the site.