March 9th, 2009

(no subject)

So...I went and saw Watchmen last night. I enjoyed it a lot, although it was a little too long. Visually it was stunning. I loved the fight scenes - very visceral; the bit where the gang member's arm is obviously broken was full of awesome and win. Didn't have any issues with the altered ending. From what I remember of the original, I guess it was intended to be more believable?

Of course now I have to re-read the comicbook to refresh my memory, cos it's been far too long since I read it last.

Apart from that my weekend was a tad wasted. I couldn't seem to wake up before midday, so I lost half the day. And apart from going to the first non-Cam game, I didn't really get to do much else as work kept phoning me up. Hopefully next weekend I can do something useful, like nosing around the shops for cheap films and stuff.