March 1st, 2009

Picocon 26

So today was spent in London enjoying the sci-fi geekery that is Picocon. IFIS made a proper trip of it, so we had a bunch of students going too, who by all accounts, enjoyed themselves lots.

The guest speakers were pretty good, although Rankin did dominate things whenever there were more than one of them involved. But he was highly amusing whatever he did, so it didn't reallly seem to matter that much. The other events were as good as previous years and they also did a tour of the library too.

Then finally at the end came the quiz. Now I freely admit that whilst I know a lot about sci-fi and fantasy, it pales into insignificance compared to the average sort of person who visitis Picocon. And I'm certainly not the only one like that. So it came as a great surprise when we came second. Mostly this might have been because we had 2 randoms join our team who seemed to know stuff. Whatever the reason, we were all utterly surprised by the result and further surprised to have a box of chocolates thrown at us as a prize.

Pictures are up on an album for Picocon, but it'll probably be a while before the committee approve them. So until then, the only way you can see them is by logging in.

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