December 12th, 2008

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The week has been pretty mixed so far. Work-wise, I've been on a SuSE training course, which has been terminally dull. GameSoc was pretty uneventful, but I took along a copy of "Apples to Apples" to try and instill a bit of a party atmosphere. Everyone certainly enjoyed it as it's a very silly game.

Watched Hogfather on Tuesday. In a surprising move, the SU did something good for a change. Normally we only get the room 'til 10, but Hogfather is a bit too long to fit it in. But we asked for a bit longer and they let us have it *gasps*. I think the new guy (the man mountain I mentioned previously) is a vast improvement on the usual bunch.

Failed utterly to remember to go to the going away party for one of the 1-term American. Turns out no-one remembered, so she just had her flatmates. Oops.

Last night was the IFIS xmas dinner and it was mighty shiny. There were a few teething problems with who ordered what, the pub losing some orders which was caught before things started so it was easily sorted. The aforementioned American almost missed out entirely, as she'd fallen asleep - luckily her order was one of the ones that got b0rked, so calling her to confirm it woke her up.

But once we got over those bumps, the night went awesomely. We delibrately spread out the lifers so they'd be forced to talk to the students and I think that worked out quite well. There were crackers and party hats and a very feminist fortune telling fish that thought all the men were liars. I think that a good time was had by all. I know I certainly enjoyed myself.