December 2nd, 2008

All aboard the failbus

The past few days have been slightly more interesting than usual.

Thursday was the last reading group meeting of the year. I got horribly confused by the store being open late as normally when we arrive it's all shut up and we have to wait for someone to unlock the door. So despite the door being wide open, I did stand there for a bit until some random person walked out.

Pub afterwards was pretty quiet, although apparently we did have our glorious president there briefly trying to sort out the xmas dinner. Pub bloke didn't mention this at all when I arrived and he asked me to spur her into getting the booking sorted as he'd had another group trying to book the same day and it was going to go on a first come first served basis. What he failed to mention, to either myself or OGP, was that the thing that was holding things up was us not having given him a deposit. If I'd known that, I'd have gone to an ATM and slapped a big wodge of cash in his hand. Meh. Apparently it's all been sorted and even better, they put out a message on the Announce list.

Work had an xmas lunch on Friday. Except it wasn't an xmas lunch as the restaurant wouldn't serve from their xmas menu despite it being in the menus they gave us. Food was OK if a little stingy in terms of portion size. When they offer "Brandy baskets" (note the plural), I expect to get more than 1 on the plate for example.

Saturday was probably the most day of fail. I narrowly avoiding missing lucifermourning's Thanksgiving meal, by virtue of getting a call from nuuki asking where I was. My reason for being late was mostly down to Collapse ), but in part down to me misreading 22:00 as 8pm. I suppose if I'd read it as 10pm, I might have twigged that it was b0rked and checked out the event in more detail. Thankfully I did make it in time to eat as it was a mighty feast, even if it was filled with strange oddities like mashed potatoe (rather than roast) and sweet potatoe/pinapple/marshmallow stuff.

I managed to make it up to Re-enactment on time mostly on Sunday, although unfortunately very few other people did, so I had to stand around outside for a while. Got to play with a shiny big camera too - I imagine the photos will be up on Facebook or somewhere soon enough. Assuming some of them came out OK.

Obviously interpersed with all of the above, there was lots of me mucking around on LBP and stuff. I've also started the latest incarnation of Tomb Raider too although I'm slightly miffed there aren't any trophies to earn and even more narked that GTA:4 can't retroactively add trophies now that it's got them. I really have to get a keyboard, cos I've discovered chatting online with the virtual keyboard is just too slow :/