November 20th, 2008


One of these days, I'm going to post an entry about the SU had got something right and hadn't screwed up. I suspect they might be selling thermal underwear in Hell before that happens though.

All in all, it took about 5 minutes to sort out the insurance problem. I told the (enormous giant of a) guy the situation. He looked in his spreadsheet, found my number and gave me the sticker. It seems the info had just been mislaid during Freshers week and hadn't been totally lost. Shame they didn't think to contact folk when they found it. If the nice guy who sorted it hadn't been new, I might have gotten angry. But it's sorted now and hopefully it means I'll have some societies to enjoy for the forseeable future.

People of (ex)IFIS, your attention please!

The Xmas bash I mentioned previously is now definitely pencilled in for the Thursday 11th of December. I say pencilled in, purely because we need to know numbers ASAP as depending on how many we get, it depends on what kind of affair we have.

The choices are either a sit-down, 3 course meal with a glass of bubbly for 20quid. Or a finger buffet - price not mentioned. The former is limited to around 20something people - I'm guessing it's in the "other" side of the pub - so if we get more than that, we'll have to go for the finger buffet option.

And it's specifically on a Thursday at the pub we meet on specifically cos they want to improve ties with the ex-student crowd and hopefully garner interest in people showing up on future Thursdays too.

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