November 17th, 2008

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I had a semi-productive weekend. For many months now, I've been walking past the local hardware shop and thinking "Oooh...I wonder if they sell stepladders, I could really do with one of them." Unfortunately, the times at which I'd be thinking this, the shop would either be shut, or I'd be on my way somewhere that'd not be practical to carry a stepladder with me. Whenever it was feasible to obtain said item, I'd not think/remember about wanting a stepladder. This weekend was different and I actually managed to remember and go in to check out their stepladders. Sodding typical, they'd sold out. But the nice lady in the shop said they'd be getting some more in and would make sure one was put aside (or something similar). Now I just have to remember next weekend ;)

There was also a Dark Ages game. We got 2 out of the 4 new players to turn up. The absent 2 were mainlining Guitar Hero 4 into their eyeballs with some of their other gaming junkie friends. Disgraceful behaviour. *tuttuts* It went well otherwise and I've got yet more things to sort out in my downtimes if I ever remember to send it to cream_horn. I might even try to spend some XP this month too.

Fightclub was quite subdued this week. Not sure if that was related to the prospect of de-ratification due to lack of members or not. The plan this week is for me to make a concerted effort to sort out my insurance the SU have lost so as to qualify as a fully active member. Afterwards I was dragged, kicking and screaming and forced at gunpoint to play Guitar Hero 4 for many hours. Drumming is quite a lot more difficult than playing the guitar; it requires the use of both hands working seperately.