October 22nd, 2008

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Tonight was pretty good, mostly. IFIS had a good turn out at the social which was good. And we had a nose at the state of the library cupboards and found the one that had previously been damaged was now in an slightly worse state :( so much so, that it was in theory possible to extract books. No idea currently if any have been stolen, but in order to ensure that didn't happen, we quickly organised ourselves to move all the books out the cupboard and down to the president's residence. Which was a lot harder than expected as the lock on the door was absolutely buggered and we had to employ guile and cunning to get the doors open. But now the books are safely stored somewhere a bit more secure which is good. Hopefully it won't take too long to get a new cupboard.

One shocking thing did happen whilst we took the books out. We got one security guards come over to see what we were up to. We'd already sorted things out with the ones in their little office and to Crosslands staff (we got the really nice one :D ) so we knew we were all cool etc... When he found out what we were doing he went to see if he could borrow a bigger vehicle to help us transport the books :O

Security. Being helpful? That's surely unheard of? :)

Unfortunately the vehicle was out and about being used to lock up stuff, so rather than waiting we just used what we had.