October 9th, 2008

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I've not really done anything overly exciting the past few days, but I figured I'd give things a brief mention anyway. Monday was GameSoc. Played Risk and came close to winning, but had to conceed defeat in the end. Tuesday was IFIS. Not as good as turn out to the social as the previous week, but at least we managed to get into our prefered venue this time. Last night I watched Die Hard 4.0 as my copy had arrived in the post and played a bit of Dwarf Fortress.

Today seems to have started off a lot better than the others this week, in that I actually woke up feeling like I'd got some sleep last night. I think I've been too warm the previous nights and that's stopped me from sleeping properly. Anyway, I have the pub to look forward to tonight. And taking the bin out. Must remember to do that. Might do it before the pub cos then I'll remember.