October 5th, 2008

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So I've just returned back from a weekend (well a Saturday to be honest) of gaming goodness in Peterborough. Journey up was moderately hellish with the nice easy route of hopping up to Kings X by the Victoria line utterly scuppered by a major SNAFU on the line. Luckily I eventually got to a stop where I could hop onto a different line and resume my long and weary trek up north.

Friday I didn't actually play any games. I did find a moderately tasty curry place with unfortunately very lousy service. And I managed to obtain a vast amount of life kicking Kick from Tescos too. Which came in very handy on the Saturday as I had to be up in time for the first game at 9 which was a very spooky haunted game of Mortals. I don't think I achieved anything much by going, except to get myself known a bit more, but the game was pretty good.

In the evening was the Requiem game which was pretty good too. The Crone rituals were particulary bloody (there was tasty fake blood for us to gorge on). I chatted to folk about smut, I made a pretty poor attempt at a balloon animal phallus. I even carved an impressive wooden sculpture too. There was also lots of running away in terror from scary elders too.

And then there was the low point of the game - a big mass combat. The STs had folk going all over the place, displacing those that weren't interested in taking part and generally causing chaos. And eventually things start to happen, except someone manages to talk the bad guy out of what he's doing and gives him a nice honourable death, thus resulting in there not actually being any mass combat after all. I guess it was probably a good thing that it happened towards the end of the evening, so those that did duck out weren't missing out on half their game.

Journey back was a little better in that they were telling people there were problems on the Victoria line so I just ignored it and went the other way. Now I just need to head on up the hill to the first re-enactment fight practice of the year.