August 29th, 2008

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I've had a very productive evening tonight. I've copied everything off my camera - even the stuff from urizen and lucifermourning's wedding. Just need to sort through it all and put it up somewhere useful.

I tried a recipe from the cookery book I bought yesterday at the reading group. Mushrooms stuffed with sausagemeat and chillis. Very tasty, although I did fail at getting the right sort of mushrooms, so it was more sort of Heaped Mushrooms rather than Stuffed Mushrooms. But definitely tasty and something I'd be willing to cook again.

And finally I've been rummaging around my music collection making sure the artist and title tags are all sensible. And writing a little program that syncs between my laptop and mp3 player. Which does mean I'll have *everything* on the mp3 player eventually. I might have to work out a way of "hidding" stuff from the sync program.

Anyway...all of this has tired me right out. Time for bed I think.

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