August 25th, 2008

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Back now from the rainy climes of Devon. The bi-yearly tribal holiday is over.

The rest of it wasn't too much different to the previous post. Lots of yucky rainy weather and me spending my time slouching around the place doing very little of importance. I learnt how to braid, so I can have a go at making myself a nice non-allergic belt. But izzy_stradlin also found one too, so I've got that if my attempts fail.

I did manage to go out and do some sightseeing despite the weather. A whole bunch of us went to The Gnome Reserve. A small little place with a wood filled with a variety of gnomes doing a variety of things. Some of which were a little x-rated if you knew what you were looking at. Then there was this monolithic stone burial chamber...I think called Spinsters Stone or something.

Then we headed on over to the House of Marbles where we had a huge lunch (or at least I did) and bought shinies. I got a set of shot glasses that start flashing when filled with liquid, some giant dice and a pot of marbles. Annoyingly the glass factory had run out of some random ingredients, so wasn't showing any glass making.

Journey back was mostly uneventful. Stopped off at a pub that thought it was a restaurant...I think it was more likely the other way around given the amount they charged for the tiny portions of food they served. Not very impressed at all. Made up for it by eating lots of chinese when I got back.

Since I've got back I've not done anything exciting either, except that I saw Hellboy 2. It rocked!