July 7th, 2008

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A moderately interesting weekend. Did a spot of shopping on Saturday and failed impressively to forget to even look for half the things I'd intended on getting. But did get a copy of the comic that Wanted is based on, so that'll be fun to read and a copy of Son of a Witch.

(Possibly?) Foolishly I also acquired a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4, which looks stunningly pretty, so I've been playing that a fair bit. I suspect that'll occupy far too much of my time when I'm not playing GTA4 or watching TV.

In the evening I went to the sci-fi murder mystery thingy that eggwhite and izzy_stradlin were in. Was surprised to find they had us sitting in randomly designated teams/tables. The folk I was with seemed nice enough though. We did surprisingly well at it too, having worked out who had dunnit and mostly why, but not enough to win the prize. And we did pretty well at the quiz too, but again, not enough to win. Hopefully they do more of them, cos it was fun.

Sunday I spent doing absolutely nothing much except lounging around playing MGS4 and watching TV. I'm missing a housemate for most of the week, so I foresee much running about the flat nekkid! :O :)