July 3rd, 2008

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Saw yet more proof at the crapness of Scottish Power. I saw one of their employees try and shoplift a large box of beer. He just brazenly walked out the door with it on his shoulder and rather unsurprisingly the guard spotted him and hauled him back.

Last night I saw Hancock. It's pretty good and I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected twist to the plot. Not sure there is much scope for a sequel though, which is a shame as I liked the character.

I was greatly amused by the trailers before the film. First they showed The Mummy 3 and then followed it with Journey to the Center of the Earth 3d. Both of which star Brendan Fraser. I even predicted the 2nd trailer cos I figured it'd be just the sort of silly/funny thing they'd do. I don't recall there being any new trailers/films in the line up - just the stuff we've been waiting for, for ages.