June 30th, 2008

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Against my better judgement, I headed on over to Eclectic Games for their re-opening day. Obviously this meant spending money, although admittedly not as much as the previous week. Got a copy of jonnynexus's book and got it signed too and some new card games. Then there was lunch and more bimbling about shops with majic13.

ION I've been reading Night Watch. Having seen both films first, it's been most helpful as it's a whole lot clearer about what is going on. Although confusingly the film is not based on all of the book, just the 1st section/third. Plus with a bit from (the book) Day Watch. Then to make matters more confusing, Day Watch the film is based on the 2nd section/third of Night Watch plus god knows what else. I'm going to have to watch that again with the commentary on to find out what the film is based on.

Now with a commute to work in the morning, I'm racing through the book, so I might be able to squeeze in another one before I start the reading group's book for this month.