June 27th, 2008

(no subject)

Went to the reading group last night. I think the majority of people didn't think much of Fluke. Meh. I found it funny and worth reading. Rather than starting the next book (whose name I can't remember), I'm going with Night Watch first as this should mean that when we're coming up to the next meeting I'll be finishing the right book and thus it'll be fresh in my mind. The book for August is American Gods - I'll have to locate my copy and take it to Devon.

I also have new glasses. Confusingly very few people have noticed as unlike every other pair of glasses I've ever worn, this pair actually have rims. And I mean really have rims. Big thick rims. In a stylish fashionable way rather than NHS-type of thing. They've a mixture of blue, green and brown. I'll try and remember to take photo and post it up here soon so those in foreign lands can see.

On a completely unrelated note to anything, without actually having watched a TV recently, I can quite easily tell that there must be some kind of Dalek plot going on in Doctor Who, because suddenly the IFIS web logs are seeing a large number of hits from people searching for related things. Like "Davros", "Bad Wolf" and other such things. It'll be interesting to see how the stats shape up at the end of the month.