June 22nd, 2008

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Yesterday was very random. majic13 posted about a Free RPG Day he'd heard about and after eggwhite also expressed interest in heading up to the store in Reading that was taking part, I decided to head up there too. Whilst heading to the station I randomly bumped in to nuuki who was leaving the station. Quite randomly, he'd been trying to get to Reading also, but with Ascot week still on the trains were utterly packed and he'd given up after not being able to get on to the past 3 trains. He offered to give me a lift part way, so we could catch a train at some point past Ascot, but I mentioned eggwhite was also going. He then mentioned that the reason why he was going was he was going to collect a board game he'd reserved from the same gaming store we were heading to. Small world syndrome in action. So we revised the plan so that myself and eggwhite would drive up there and I'd collect the game on his behalf.

So I got there in the end and er...spent far too much money on games. And collected the trailer for Hunter: The Vigil. Just to see what all the fuss is about, since it's a kind of pointless addition to the new World of Darkness range as Hunters have already been covered in the existing books. After that we bimbled about a few more shops, but I was restrained and didn't spend any more money.

Spent today so far checking out my spoils as last night was Dark Ages.

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