June 16th, 2008

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Pretty mixed weekend. Felt pretty knackered on Friday and judging by how I felt on Saturday, I suspect this was because I had "the plague". Not an excessively bad bout, it just left me feeling really tired. Got "on-called" Saturday morning which surprisingly wasn't that bad. The guy who called up seemed to have a brain which makes a change. Plus they called at 9am rather than the usual 7am.

When I eventually plucked up the strength to do anything on Saturday, I pottered in to London to go visit Playin' Games (whose website appears to be broken at the moment). Wasn't overly thrilled with anything they had, but did pick up a copy of Zombie Fluxx. Then I stuffed myself at Ninja (Ultimate) Burger and continued onwards to the London game. In which very little actually happened, but I have been slightly doomed and have to make a decision that will affect me for some time to come.

Left the game at 11 rather than 10.45 as per usual because the previous week the last train had been at 11.50 rather than 11.35. Unfortunately this seems to have been a one off thing rather than a permanent change in the timetable. Bastards. This meant myself and lucifermourning catching the very very last train to anywhere useful and walking the rest.

Must beat my phone up cos it seems I failed to realise I'd got a txt from urizen wondering where we'd got to. It's set to max volume and vibrate. Must have been lots of noisy traffic or something at the time? Meh. Stoopid new phone.

It's been a while since I walked that route and it still seems way longer than it should. I think it's the Causeway that does it. It's just so long and boring. Luckily good company helps. I might have to see if I can do it more often, like when going shopping, especially if it's good weather.

Sunday didn't involve much at all. Today is very weird as 99% of the office has moved to Mos Eisley, leaving a few stragglers behind. I've started packing and already have filled up most of a crate just from crap on my desk.

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I've just come across something that I find really cool and interesting and I figured I'd share it with the more geeky of you out there.

This is a project to represent the progress and interactions of a software project in a visual form. The page itself explains it in a far better ways than I could ever manage.

For the non geeky, the movies are kinda pretty ;)