May 18th, 2008

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Today is not going quite according to plan. I'm sat in the pub waiting for cammies to show up. Obviously no-one will show up any time soon because the first game isn't happening so people will only show up in time for the second.

Don't think the landlord is too pissed off by this cos he had stuff to do in the pub anyway, but I think we'll have to "book" it starting later next month.

Thank gods I brought a book :)
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Second game didn't go well either. Technically we had about 6 people show up, but 2 of them were there for something else. And most of them turned up after the game was due to time-in. So we ended up having a meeting about the fate of the domain. Oh hum.

On the plus side I got XP for it which means I've actually hit cap for the first time in months? And apart from 1xp, I've spent the vast backlog I've been saving up whilst the game wasn't running. Of course, I have to actually remember what all my new found goob does for it to of any use :)