May 12th, 2008

It's all so beautiful...

The new TV arrived rather surprisingly early on Saturday morning and I soon had it out the box and on a table (with assistance from izzy_stradlin). It's not excessively huge, but still very heavy. And so far I don't regret it at all. The picture quality is amazing. I've spent most of the weekend playing GTA4, but I've also watched some SD TV on it too.

GTA4 has been fun. I accidently made my seriously suspect/possible police informer girl friend into a car jacker. Forgot which car I'd taken her out on a date and tried getting in to a nearby parked car. She gets to it first and smashes the window in to get inside o_O. Shame I can't use that to blackmail her with.

Playing online has been fun too, although it can be frustrating when you join a game and the organiser just sits there not starting it. It's far too easy to drop back into single player. Which involves loading stuff and then getting back into the multiplayer involves more loading too. But when it does work it's great.

Apart from that there was a requiem game which involved doomy plot. It turns out I was doing a bit of a sea_cucumber and getting slowly recruited by infernal demon worshipping types. Luckily the Sanctimonious turned up and burninated everything. Still, that plot might be dead, but whilst returning from our initial investigations we stumbled across yet more plot. I think the STs have realised we (myself and lucifermourning) like plot a lot.