May 5th, 2008

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Well that weekend was a bit more like how weekends should be. Or at least it wasn't chock full of Fail like the last one. There was a moderately useful Southwark game, although it may screw me over for other games elsewhere. There was lots of dead animal sacrificed to the BBQ gods yesterday which was also good.

Also did some DIY...well OK, eggwhite did the DIY and I just stood there trying to look useful. The bath's wooden panels have now been replaced where needed (just the end one) and there's now a new ultra shiny loo seat. It's black with sparkles! Like someone has made it out of the night sky or something. Very pretty.

Today *finally* the weather was looking more like it should be. I admittedly didn't take full of advantage of it and spend that much time outdoors though. I did however spend my day somewhat productively and have now bought myself a HD TV. Not entirely sure if it's that good a model/deal, but from what I've read online the Sony KDL40V3000 seems to be pretty decent and should do what I want it to do.

I also took advantage of my locality after buying the TV to pop in and see Iron Man which was soooo good. Plus I saw a trailer for another superhero film that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet called Hancock. Which stars Will Smith as a drunk obnoxious superman-type who tries to save the world, despite no-one wanting him to.

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